Dress Code

UNA Elementary Dress Expectations

Students shall dress and groom in a clean and neat manner so as not to distract or interfere with the operation of the school.

Dress expectations are as follows:

· Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or dresses that are an appropriate length (with belt if needed to secure at the waist)

· Long or short sleeved shirts (tank tops or sleeveless shirts are not permitted)

· Refrain from wearing shirts/t-shirts with offensive wording or gestures

· Shoes that are appropriate and safe for physical activity (P.E.)

When a student is dressed in a manner which is likely to cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school, or in a manner that violates the developed guidelines, the school shall take appropriate action, which may include providing the students with a change of clothing, or calling the parent/guardian of the student to bring appropriate clothes. Our goal is for students to return to class and for learning to continue as soon as possible. Dress code enforcement shall be based solely on the guidelines, and shall not be based upon biases, gender norms, or gender assumptions.